Shader Park

Shader Park

Shader Park is an open source web-based platform for creating real-time 3D graphics and animations using code. It integrates diverse computer graphics techniques into a unified programming interface designed for fast experimentation and live-coding. The platform also includes a community gallery for sharing and collaboration.

Torin Blankensmith and Peter Whidden met at the University of Washington. While at the UW they formed a creative-coding organization that hosted weekly workshops for students from various disciplines on emerging topics in computer graphics. It was in this group that the first prototype of Shader Park was developed.

Torin is a freelance creative technologist and adjunct professor at the Parsons School of Design in New York City. Based out of NEW INC, Torin creates installations, experiences, interfaces, and websites. Previously Torin was a part of the Google Creative Lab’s 5 program where he was a major contributor to open-source projects that used new machine learning technologies for creative applications in music and accessibility. Since then, Torin has focused his work in three main areas: creating interactive art with code, demystifying emerging technology through teachable moments, and developing open-source tools that empower people to make their own creative work.

Peter is a creative software engineer whose work spans physics, astronomy, machine learning, and computer graphics. He currently works at Amazon in Seattle on video classification technology. Peter has also worked with engineers from CERN to build interactive 3D visualizations used in particle physics. In recent years he developed software with the Data Intensive Research in Astrophysics and Cosmology (DIRAC) Institute which enabled the discovery of over 30 new minor planets in the Kuiper belt. Recently his artistic collaborations with Alex Miller of SpaceFiller have been featured in galleries and in a permanent installation in Seattle.

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