Two days of talks and two nights of live music, focused on algorithmic tools and processes.
Gray Area, San Francisco
March 22-23rd 2019
Monica Dinculescu
Monica Dinculescu

Why you should build silly things

People make things. You make things. Most of the time you make Very Serious Things™️ that help your bosses sell more shoes or saxophones or those tiny coffee packets. And that’s good, because you gotta eat and stuff. But something else has gotta eat, too: your brain. Music is creation, art is creation, code is creation. I think it’s important to goof around with code sometimes, or make things that let other people goof around with code. And sometimes, that becomes the Very Serious Thing™️.

Monica works on Magenta, in Google Brain, where she makes generative music and art with Machine Learning. In the past she’s worked on Polymer, web components, and Chrome, and has probably at least once broken the Internet for you. She is unreasonably excited about emoji, wary of web fonts, and will become your best friend if you bring her cheese. On second thought, she may be a mouse.